Angel Readings

Connect with your Angelic support team. Angels are souls that have never had a life on earth and are your heavenly protectors and guides. In an Angel reading, I will connect with your Angels, and deliver any messages they may have for you. As Angels tend to be more concerned with your current situations and their outcomes, as well as your emotional states, you can expect a reading will focus on those types of messages. I also offer mediumship readings.

Animal Communication

Connect with your pets like never before. Discover why they have a certain habit or trait, learn about health issues they may have or just have a conversation with them. Our animal companions can be very wise and sometimes they have enlightening advice to pass on regarding situations you are facing in your life.

Available for Parties

Are you having a party? Or do you just need a reason to get some friends together? I will come to your house to give mini-sessions to you and your friends.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for any of the services offered.


$100/ 1 hour

$50/ 1/2 hour